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Intellectual Property Rights


Over the last decade North Macedonia has undertaken measures for achieving a level of protection of intellectual property rights similar to the level that exists in the European Union. North Macedonia is member of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Patent Organization, in addition to being a signatory of all the most important 
international treaties in the field.

The two main laws regulating this field are the Law on Copyright and related rights and the Law on Industrial Property. According to the Law on copyright and related rights art.12, an original work of author is an intellectual and individual work in the field of literature, science and art, expressed in any form. The form in which it can be expressed are the following:

1) Written work (book, article, article, manual, brochure, and other works of the same nature);

2) Computer program like a written work;

3) Voice Work (lecture, speech, sermons and other works of the same nature);

4) Musical work, with or without text;

5) Drama, musical, choreographic and pantomimic work;

6) Photographic work and work created in a procedure similar to photography;

7) Audiovisual (cinematographic and other works, presented with moving images);

8) Works of fine art (painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, etc.);

9) Works of architecture;

10) Works of applied art and design and

11) Cartographic work, plan, sketch, technical drawing, project, table, plastic work and other work of the same or similar character in the field of geography, topography, architecture and science.

According to the Law on Industrial property, art.2 industrial property rights are patents, industrial designs, trademarks, appellation of origin and geographical indications.