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North Macedonia
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Health/Medical Care


Health care in North Macedonia can be mandatory or voluntary. Mandatory health care is applicable to all macedonians / citizens of North Macedonia and is administered through the Health Insurance Fund of the country. Volutary health insurance is used where mandatory health insurance is not applicable. Voluntary health insurance can be administered through health insurance associations founded by health insurance guidelines.

Mandatory insurance provides the right to cash benefits, including entitled to salary compensation during temporary disability from work because of illness or injury and absence from work due to pregnancy, birth and motherhood and entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses. The compulsory insurance insures also foreign nationals employed in foreign firms that perform temporary work or study on the territory of North Macedonia.

Persons who have health insurance abroad, during their temporary residence in the country (reference to temporary work, private or business trip, study visit, schooling, vocational education, international - technical, scientific and cultural cooperation, etc.) based on bilingual forms, or certificates, may use emergency and essential health services. Health services can be used in all health facilities that have a contract with HIF, and the burden of the foreign holder of health insurance.

The following countries have signed contracts with the Health Insurance Fund of North Macedoniafor exercising the right to health services: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, the Checz Republic, The Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Turkey.

Insured persons from these countries pay only participation (the same amount an insured person from the country will pay when visiting a health clinic).